You have a story. let's write it

What does your story say about you?

During my career as a marketer and film professional, I learned that the same tools used to write a compelling script for the screen can be used to bring you more of what you want into your life. Tapping into the power of your inner director can free you from past limitations, and create profound transformations.
If you’re like me, you are a lifelong learner, always gathering new tools to live the best life you can. Your goal is to be filled with peace, confidence, joy, health, treasured relationships and to enjoy the miracles of abundance.

Who is directing your life?


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If your life were a movie, what would it be?







You have a story that you tell yourself about every situation and it’s what creates the movie you call your life. Is the story unfolding as you imagine, or would you like a different plot?
You have the power to change your own story. Uncover your hidden scripts, and reframe past experiences to step fully into your authentic self and live more peacefully.Reconnecting with your “director within” unlocks the ability to lead the life you were meant to live with resilience, confidence, and renewed optimism.

Who’s Directing Your Life?

Uncovering the Hidden Scripts that Drive You

What’s your life script? Is it an award-winner or a rotten tomato?

Need a speaker for your next meeting or conference?

Melinda Walsh shares her expertise gained from years of designing effective stories in the marketing and advertising industry and how taking command of a company story can lead to explosive transformation.

The Secrets of Wildly Successful Women

Want to be more self-confident at work? Tired of feeling like you have so much to offer but nobody is listening? Join Marketing Consultant and WSW Melinda Walsh as she shares strategies and observations that come from working 25 years with successful businesses. You’ll learn how to access your creativity; how to be heard, and move from expired to inspired!

What are people saying?

Melinda created an open and accepting atmosphere where we felt all of our ideas would be welcome, encouraged, heard, and valued.

S. Medina, Louisiana

Melinda offers superior talent all the while checking her ego at the door. Simply put, Melinda has ‘It’.

C.W., Director/Producer

Thanks again for a wonderful opportunity to be around like-minded women and learn how to be in a more peaceful, happy, and expanding life!

K. Torrance, Louisiana

I felt totally emotionally supported in ways that helped me grow. Melinda, YOU were fabulous!

M. Golsby, Louisiana/strong>

For us, as a non-profit human services agency, Melinda is a perfect fit.  She brings professionalism, creativity, and integrity to projects.  But more than that, with compassion and heart she sees into the core of who we are and what we do.  She insightfully distills complex programs into themes and stories that compellingly communicate the impact of our services on individual lives and the broader community.  In doing that, we also see ourselves in a different light.  Our staff develops a deeper understanding; sees more clearly the “big picture.”  We are a better and more effective organization because of her guidance.

David Aguillard, MPA, MHA, MA, Executive Director, Catholic Charities, Baton Rouge

Melinda has an ear for listening to what we do as a company, understanding what our market wants and the relationships involved. She has the ability to hear what I am thinking versus what I am saying. I believe we are achieving our mission by connecting with our customers in a personable way.  We have also seen a wealth of enthusiasm throughout the whole team. Not only is our marketing efforts making an impact to the customer, it is communicating a common vision, and it is bringing the team even closer together. Melinda has worked with every [employee] we have and many of our board members.  This is a large group of personalities and she has done a wonderful job.  CEOs do not trust board members with just anyone, but I trust Melinda with everyone.

Stephen Austin, CEO, Louisiana Land Bank

Melinda is a very energetic and powerful motivational speaker and sales trainer. I attended a training seminar in which she was the speaker and she pointed out some very important factors in closing the sale and added an awesome and humorous approach to her presentation.

Celina Guerrero, Business Development Representative, Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union

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