From real person to announcer; from mom next door to your Fairy Godmother having a grumpy day, Melinda is a seasoned voice actress with a wide range of deliveries. Fast and a pro in the studio.

Do you have the right voice for the job?

Director Martin Ritt calls it the ‘vein of gold’, a certain territory, a zone that actors get in where they’re doing exactly what it is they’re put on earth to do. You know a vein of gold performance because it’s dead on-target.
Doing voiceovers is my vein of gold. From the minute I stepped in front of the microphone I realized I had discovered my passion: to use my voice to create audio that would inspire the listener to take action. It becomes a fun challenge to discern exactly what it is that a director wants and to give it to them in the least amount of takes possible. It helps too, that I’m also a writer, director and producer — understanding the big picture enables me to deliver the read you’re looking for more quickly.
30,000 voice projects later, I still love it as much as the first voiceover I did, which you can hear here if you’re curious!

Ready to get started on your voice project?

Here's what others have said about Melinda's voice:

“Melinda offers superior talent all the while checking her ego at the door. Simply put, Melinda has “it.”

-C.W., Director/Producer

“Melinda is a true pro…..you’re going to get what you want….fast. One of those voices that will be at the top of your call list for almost any type of session.”

–J.F., Producer/ Recording Engineer

“She has a liquid, luminescent voice.”

-C.F., Producer

“Her voice has substance and depth. It makes you want to listen. ”

-M.B., Client

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